On Tuesday, June 02 2020, even the COVID-19 crisis, the Multiplier Event of “Takeover Days for Young People in Europe” was held face to face in Guadassuar (Valencia) to promote the activities and results of the project. The multiplier even was organized by the Spanish partner XANO CHANNEL with the participation of the counselors of education and youth of Guadassuar city hall, representatives of more than 10 Vocational Education and Training (VET) schools in Valencian region, youth workers from  different associations, young people and entrepreneurs.

Before the event, all participants received the agenda and results of the “Takeover Days for Young People in Europe” by mail. In this mail we shared new links to the website, videos on YouTube channel and the project’s toolkit and materials.

The event started at 16:30 local time and finished at 20:30 with aperitifs and drinks. First of all, the Counselor of Education of Guadassuar town hall, Rosa Almela Ribes, welcomed the participants and briefly referred to the main points of the event. Then, we continued with the event which was moderated by Ms. Sonsoles Jimenez who offered a variety of experiences to keep the audience engaged.


To start with, to explain the concept of Takeover Days M. Sonsoles Jimenez shared with participants a video to explain what a Take over day is. More than 100 young participants between 16 and 24 years old, around 15 youth workers, 10 entrepreneurs and 2 public authorities has involved in the project. M. Sonsoles Jimenez presented the toolkit that explain how to organize a Takeover Day. The toolkit has been developed by young participants and youth workers and it is available in English, Italian, Romanian, Hungarian and Spanish language.

Moreover, M. Sonsoles Jimenez shared a video of the international training camp that was held in Romania in which more than 40 young participants and 10 youth workers worked on scaling up their transversal competences like leadership, working in a team group, communication skills, circular economy, resilience, etc.


After the presentation of the video, two of the participants in the training camp shared their experiences,  Eduardo Perez Almela and Lucia Anaya. We also had face to face testimony from Antonio Gadea Morant who participated in one of the national Take over days. 

All the videos and face to face experiences from the participants in the project activities made the multiplier event dynamic and interactive. Finally, Ms. Sonsoles Jimenez presented the conclusions and the sustainability strategy.

You can find the video of the event and some photos here: 

Staff XANO