On Tuesday, May 19 2020, the first Multiplier online Event of “Takeover Days for Young People” project took place in Italy, organized by the Italian partner PETIT PAS.

The event promoted on the Eventbrite platform has met with great enthusiasm, especially among young people, recording sold out in a few hours.

Due to the health emergency linked to COVID-19, we did not have the opportunity to meet in person in Valencia as originally planned, but the webinar modality allowed members to participate actively in the meeting, giving them a possibility of asking for information and interacting with the organizers, youth workers, young people and the host organizations for the Takeover Days that were present at the event.

Interviews, testimonials, motivational videos, training material, and practical advice on how to use the intellectual products developed thanks to the project, made the event dynamic and interactive, offering a variety of material that has managed to keep the audience engaged.
We have chosen to talk about the project, starting from the concept of Takeover Days, describing how this practice, born in the United Kingdom, has brought benefits to our territory and in Europe.

One of these videos, saw Fabiola as a protagonist recounting her experience as a Youth Worker, having had the opportunity to follow every phase of the project.

Fabiola said: “Takeover gave me the opportunity to experiment for the first time with a new work approach based on the Mango participatory model. In the process of co-creating the Toolkit, I realized that such an approach was highly appreciated by young people. The young people had the opportunity to face different issues based on the emerged needs, stimulating their active participation, and approaching issues strictly related to active citizenship. Transnational cooperation was the added value of this project, I borrowed new working methods and I was able to compare myself with other highly experienced Youth Workers.


I will continue to work so that other young people can experience other Takeover days, and I will spread this practice with other colleagues “.

During the Webinar, one of the unscheduled and interactive moments had some young people, who participated in the toolkit co-creation process and in our workshops, sharing two videos created by them about their experience, as a sign of gratitude towards our association.

To explain in-depth the concept of Takeover Days and what it really means we shared with participants a video from a workshop held during the training camp where the English partner Lyn Degenhardt, explains what Takeover is and invites the young participants to the workshop, to make a promotional video to convince employers to host the takeover.


After answering some questions, Laura (YW) showed the project website, the sections that compose it, focusing in particular on the supporting skills and Toolkit.

She explained how to improve soft skills through the training materials on the website, and how to use the Toolkit to be able to create a Takeover experience in the right way, both from the point of view of young people and employers.

Considering the young audience, we thought it appropriate to share a video of the training camp in Romania, in order to stimulate their interest and participation in future events and projects.


We also told, through video interviews, what the final events of the Takeover Days represented for the young people who had the opportunity to experience it firsthand, Serena and Francesco.

Francesco: “I attended the Takeover day because it seemed like an interesting opportunity to start working. I had the opportunity to see closely how an association works, I learned to use the Excel, Word, and PowerPoint program and how to work in a team “.

Serena: “I took part in a Takeover Day and it gave me the opportunity to get closer to a working context similar to my interests, showing me the opportunity to acquire and strengthen some skills useful for entering the world of work. I had the opportunity to get to know the Erasmus world, I contributed to the realization of some project activities, and I helped in the organization of a local event which saw the participation of about 50 people “.

After Serena and Francesco, we listened to the interviews of the employers of the two host organizations of the Takeover Days: Co-Labory coworking and Shisky concept Space.

Savino (Co-Labory) and Giuseppe (Shisky concept Space), respectively representatives of the two host organizations of the Takeover, declared that the presence of young people in their organizations has certainly brought added value to their activities. Their knowledge of new multimedia devices and social networks offered them important tips on how to improve the visibility of their startups on social channels. Both were pleasantly surprised by their ability to fit into an already consolidated working environment, and feel part of a team. They also considered that the possibility of extending the Takeover beyond the day would certainly give them the opportunity to appreciate other aspects.

Their willingness to host other Takeover Days makes us proud of our work and indicates that this is the right way to encourage the meeting between young people and the world of work. 

At the end of the testimonies of
the employers we talked about the impact that the project had on our
organization through a short video by Laura who told how the TO:DAY project was
the first important experience in the Erasmus+ world for Petit Pas. 

“Thanks to TO: DAY we had the opportunity to get in touch with various local organizations and young people, who actively participated in the project implementation and had the opportunity to get to know the Erasmus world more closely. We have increased our knowledge and skills on how to support and reactivate young people.

We have known new tools, methodologies and programs, that have pushed us to deepen the knowledge of a new program: The European Solidarity Corps. In the wake of TO: DAY project, we have developed a project proposal for the 2020 call of European Solidarity Corps (FRIENDS AT WORK), which obtained funding.


Thanks to TO: DAY a new adventure for Petit Pas is about to start.”

Takeover Days have proven to be innovative and effective tools to involve young people in experiencing important decision-making processes and other business processes on their own that offer new ideas for employers and young people’s motivation. A taste of leadership and decision making in a work environment that increases their confidence, communication and leadership skills.

The event ended with a short moment dedicated to questions and clarifications.




We would like to thank all the participants…. see you at the next Takeover Day!