Erasmus day & Youthpass

During the Erasmusday, organized at the Liceo Classico di Trani on October 12th, 20 Young people, who have attended a mini takeover experience lasted 20h at Petit Pas association, have received a Youthpass certificates as conclusion of their experience that saw them involved in the organization of the Erarmus Day at their school. For the event they invited their parents and friends and the certificates were handed over by the school principal.

For this occasion, some of the participants at the TO:DAY training camp hosted in Romania last July, joined the event to share their experience and testimony regarding their participation at TO:DAY project, receiving the Youthpass as well for taking part not only to the camp but also to the workshops lasted 21h before leaving for the camp, organized by Petit Pas.

Thanks to friends, families, and teachers of the 20 Young People who organized the Erasmus day the event daw the participation of two hundred people, t-shirts were made for the occasion and has been a great opportunity to disseminate the TO:DAY project and raise awareness and knowledge about the Erasmus world and its opportunities.